Saturday, July 12, 2008

Kissin Cousins

People joke about folks in the South marrying our cousins.

Growing up it was always seemed a little strange that my aunt Irene Fulford married a cousin, Hardy Taylor. I always thought they were first cousins but realize now they were only second cousins. Irene was the best looking of the four sisters and probably the best looking girl in Cortez at the time, so I don't blame Hardy.

Anyway, in doing family research I've found a couple other cases that surprised those involved.

The great grandmother of my brother in law, Tom Ryon was Eliza Jane Hendry. Her 2nd cousin, Nancy Jane Hendry was the second wife of James Hamilton Wentworth. After she died he married Elizabeth Green who was the sister of our great grandfather, Andrew Jackson Green. I discovered this after their daughter Rachel was born. So far she doesn't appear to have any ill effects from the cousin connection.

My daughter Kristen was married last summer to Nathaniel Wiewora. His mom does genealogy research and sent me information on their family. It turns out that Kristen's 4th great grandmother, Elizabeth Keathley Caraway is the first cousin (three times removed) of the husband of Nate's grandfather's sister. We decided they were distant enough cousins that it was safe for them to have children, as long as they wait a couple years.

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