Thursday, August 17, 2017


I have to admit it, Bewtiched was one of my favorite TV shows growing up. I mean, what's not to like about it. A good looking woman who could do all kinds of magic when needed. I'm sure most guys would like being married to someone like her and women would like to be her.

I was reading a transcript of an interview my grandmother's cousin, Louise Lundy Simmons gave in 1988 to the Manatee Historical Society and found an interesting story about being Bewitched.

My great great grandfather, William Augustus Lundy died in 1903 in Manatee County Florida. The family story I heard was that he died of cancer.

Louise heard a different one, from his wife Marjorie Henry Lundy. Marjorie Lundy died in 1933 when Louise was 22 years old. Louise told the historical society:
Marjorie Henry Lundy - 1930

"Well, my Grandmamma told me that he was out riding in the woods on his horse. And there was a lady sitting on a log that had fallen over. And she was a fortune teller. And she asked him to give her $15 and she’d tell his fortune.

Well, he wouldn’t do it. And she said just to let him know what she was talking about, she told him something that was really true. But he still wouldn’t give her $15. And then he got sick, and they thought that the old lady had bewitched him."

"And they got him and they took him, my Uncle Jim and Aunt Ada, they went somewhere up north. There was somebody up there that could break that spell. And they went north and that man told them that the rest of the family had to go home. And leave him here with me. They wouldn’t do it so they brought him home."

I knew about them taking him to Glen Springs in South Carolina in 1902 shortly before he died, but didn't know it was an attempt to break the spell from a witch.

Saturday, May 20, 2017

Legal immigrants

I found this record showing my entry back the USA after my family spent two years in Europe.

My father was in the Air Force and had to do a tour overseas so he took his family with him. I have a letter he wrote to my grandfather shortly after I was born saying he was being pressured to go overseas again.

He had been in the armed forces for parts of three decades by then and most of that time had been overseas, including the Pacific during WWII. He had been able to avoid going after he got married and had four kids.

We were in France for those years where he helped setup the Strategic Air Command bases that were part of NATO for many years.

When we came back we spent two year in Kansas, before he retired. just put these records online and it was surprising to see my name. Since today is Armed Forces Day, I though it was a good time to share this.

I apologize that I haven't been posting to this blog in a while, but that's not because I don't have stories to share. There have been a lot of other things taking priority recently so I've been putting them in the cue and hope to be able to have time to write them out here soon.