Monday, May 2, 2016

William's Famous Peas

I wrote a story about my distant first cousin Capt. William Fulford several years ago. That told of the unfortunate circumstance of his house being blown up in 1863 by Union troops. They were trying to put out a fire on Front Street in Beaufort, North Carolina, that had started in the kitchen of his neighbor Mr. Ensley and intentionally blew up William's house as a crude fire break.

I found this article in the July 26, 1859 edition of the New Bern Weekly Progress, four years before the fire. The same Mr. Ensley who started the fire, was trying to get some notice for the gardening skills of Capt. Fulford so he took his extra large peas to the newspaper in New Bern.
I think my daughter inherited the Fulford gardening chromosome because she produced some pretty large organic Kale in her backyard last summer and even sold some to the local grocery store.