Thursday, December 25, 2008


I tried to locate the grave of my great grandmother in July 2008 while on a trip to Florida. Rebecca Oliff Hogan Green died in 1916 and I was told she was buried in Sandhill Cemetery in rural Taylor County Florida.

My Dad's cousin, Hubert Horne told me she was buried there next to an oak tree in an unmarked grave.Rebecca Green died as a result of a house fire. The house in Perry, Florida caught fire and somehow trying to get out, her dress caught fire. She was killed by the flames.

Hubert said he had been out to the cemetery several times. I had planed to go take some photos and let him point out the exact location of the grave so I could put a marker on it. Unfortunately Hubert died before I was able to get out there.

As it tuned out, when I tried to locate Sandhill Cemetery I couldn't get to it. I had the GPS location and directions but the dirt and yes, sand roads kept taking me to dead ends. It looked like the land is owned by timber companies and they had blocked off the roads. I figured I had gotten within about a mile of it but July in Florida is no time to take off by foot, miles from town in a place you don't know. My wife wasn't thrilled with the idea of me leaving her in the car either.

So I had to turn around and leave this mission for another day. I've put a request on findagrave and hopefully someone in the area knows a way to get to it.
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