Sunday, May 3, 2009

Who are these people?

I found a cardboard box in an old a trunk in my Mom's house two years ago. She had written on the box that is should be saved for me.

Inside were old photos that my belonged to my great grandmother, Ida Lundy Wilson. She died in 1956, just a couple months after I was born. She was a big fan of photography and had saved many many photos. She also was very religious and saved sermon notes. I don't know who the preacher was but I guess she was impressed enough to take notes and keep them.

Many of the old photos were of her and her sisters. She had a lot of others that so far are unidentified. We had a family reunion in July 2008 and I took them and showed them to everyone I could but only had a couple of the unknowns identified.

I was hoping some of my aunts or uncles could help but the only people who could ID any of them were distant cousins.

I'm not even sure which family they came from. Ida's parents had twelve children and there are many possibilities. But Ida's husband, Ben Wilson died twenty years before her and was one of twenty five children. I am pretty sure she would not have thrown away any of his old photos so they could be Wilson relatives.

I'm hoping someone will be able to identify these folks but unfortunately the number of those who might is quickly decreasing.

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