Sunday, February 6, 2011

O Henry

My great great great grandfather was Emery M. Henry. He married Elmina Davis in Jefferson County Florida on January 25, 1853 and died less than 4 years later. He and Elmina were the parents of Margery Rowena Henry Lundy.

According to the 1850 census he was born about 1830 in North Carolina so he was less than 27 years old when he died. Other than these basic facts I don't know a lot about him.The 1850 census, the only one that listed him had no information other than his age and place of birth.

His last name was confused for a long time with the Hendry family who lived in the same part of North Florida and have a lot more descendants in that area now. My mother insisted his name was Hendry, probably because she had heard of that family name.

I've located copies of his marriage record and the papers that settled his estate in 1857 so know his name was actually Henry. After answering the question of his name I was able to locate some information on his family and ancestors but not much on him. I always like to determine where someone was buried but haven't found him.

His brother, Franklin C. Henry's grave is in the Waukeenah Methodist Church Cemetery in Jefferson County, Florida. Since Emery and Elmina lived close by I was hoping his grave would be there but there is no marker for him.

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Free Genealogy Guide said...

I'm glad your mom was wrong about Emery's surname, because there is a musical ring to "Emery Henry." It doesn't exactly rhyme, but it sounds like it does when you say it.