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POW later MIA

My great great grandfather was David Fulford of Carteret County North Carolina. He was born in 1832 so was of age to have served in the Civil War, but so far I haven't found proof of his service. I have a copy of a pardon he received from the Union Army who were occupying Beaufort, North Carolina at the time, so he must have served in some way in the CSA.

He had several brothers and two of them were taken prisoner and sent to POW camps.

Richard Whitehurst Fulford was a Captain in the North Carolina 5th Infantry when he was captured on May 5, 1862 near Williamsburg, Virginia. He was held prisoner at Fort McHenry, Maryland.

William Burgess Fulford, the youngest brother was serving in the North Carolina 2nd Infantry when he was taken prisoner on November 7, 1863 at Kelly's Ford, Virginia. He was held prisoner at Point Lookout, Maryland until the end of the war. He wrote this letter to David. I found it in the North Carolina Archives.

Letter addressed to
Mr. David W. Fulford
Beaufort, NC

Return address
Prisoner of War
Point Lookout, MD
November 10th, 1864

Dear Brother David:
I seat myself this morning to write you a few lines hoping they may come to hand in due time and find you and family enjoying good health. As far as health this leaves me well. David, I have written to Mother often since I have been in prison but have received but three letters from her. So I write you hoping to hear from you soon. If this reaches you give my love to all the family. David, I have been in prison twelve months today. I hope the time will soon come that I may be exchanged. Write to me as soon as you get this and send me some money. As I am not allowed to write but one page I will now close. R. Whitehurst is here and well.

Wm B. Fulford
Co I 4th Division

William moved to Florida in 1888 and filed for a Civil War pension in 1908 but I haven't located much about him from the end of the war until when he filed for a pension.

Was he married? Did he have children? Where did he live from 1865 until 1908? So far the answers to these questions have been elusive. I've searched for him several times without success.

He was on the 1910 census in Hillsborough County Florida, 70 years old, listed as single living in a boarding house and employed as a machinist for sewing machines. That and his small pension file are the only records of his life.

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Unknown said...

My great great grandfather is Richard Whitehurst Fulford. He was a Capt in the 5th NC and is presently buried in the Pigott/Fulford cemetery in Gloucester. Approx 5-10 minutes down the street from my parents who live on Straits Road in Smyrna. Or during the time of the war it was known as Tusk. Richard Fulford served as a Capt., was run through he stomach with a sword at the battle of Williamsburg, VA. He was then taken prisoner, spent two years at Baltimore hospital and was then traded back to the Confederacy. He then spent the rest of the war at Goldsboro hospital as a wheelwright. (Carpenter) If you would like some more information please ask. I can give you Civil War enlistment information on just about ANYONE in the family. My email address is