Saturday, March 13, 2010

Oldest living relative

Today is the birthday of my great aunt, Lydia Irene Green Allen. Aunt Lydia lived to be over 100 and as far as I can tell was the oldest of any of my relatives.

She was either 100 or 101, depending on who you believe, when she died on August 28, 1999. She was one of the sisters who changed their date of birth in the family bible. The revised entry in the bible says she was born in 1899. Her tombstone says she was born in 1898.

Her social security record and the 1900 census, the only census that listed the month and year of birth both say she was born in March 1899.
Lydia worked as a school teacher and didn't get married until she was over 50 and it only lasted a couple years. She had no children and no husband. I'm not sure if that contributed to her long life or not.

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