Sunday, June 20, 2010

Dortch family

I have an old photo from the Oneco, Florida Church of Christ. My parents attended here until it closed in the mid 1990s to make way for a 4 lane highway. The photo was taken about 1910.

My grandmother Edith Wilson and her parents were charter members. Over the years I have researched some of the people in the photo and in several cases found they were relatives.

Ellen Dortch, the woman on the second row, 2nd to the end on the right was one of those. It turned out she was actually the sister of my great grandfather.
Her maiden name was Ellen Alabama Wilson. She was married to William Dortch who I assume is the man next to her. I didn't have any other Dortchs in my records until recently. I came across a Robert Lindsay Dortch , married to Mary Emma Childers. Mary Emma Childers was the daughter of Mary Wilson, sister of Ellen Alabama Wilson.

So Ellen Wilson's brother in law married her niece. Robert and Mary Dortch lived in Oneco, Florida up until 1930 and then moved to Dade County, Florida. I found her on the 1945 census in Miami and a death certificate for Robert about the same time but don't know what happened to their children or Mary after that.
Ellen Alabama Wilson Dortch moved to Tampa, Florida and died there in 1935.

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