Sunday, July 11, 2010

Finding a good Man

One of my daughters is married and she did well, found a good man. The other one is still looking.

I have been looking for a good man for reasons of my own. The Y chromosome DNA testing that is done for genealogy research requires a male of the particular surname to be tested. I was tested for the Green project and my uncle Wayne was tested for the Fulford project. A cousin Steve, was tested for the Lawrence project and another cousin, Larry was tested for the Wilson project..

There are several other family lines that would be nice to have a relative of that name come forward and be tested. The Rowell, Hogan, Blanchard and Lundy families are all well known for the last hundred and fifty years but have hit a brick wall at 1800. It would be good to have a cousin in one of these families agree to be tested. The problem is there aren't a lot of them around.

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