Sunday, October 24, 2010

Savage Stricklands

No they weren't Native Americans. Just the father's first name was Savage.

Not sure how or why his parents would have given him that tag in 1803. He was the father of my Great Great Grandfather John Green's second wife.

My ancestor was born to John Green's first wife Elizabeth. Elizabeth died about 1857. His second wife, Sara Winiford Strickland raised the children John died a few years later.

Sarah was born in 1838. I've been trying to locate information on the Strickland family because her brother, John who was born in 1829 married Mary Elizabeth Green in 1860 in Taylor County Florida.

I would bet that Mary was related to John Green but so far have not been able to prove it. Mary and her husband John Strickland disappeared after the 1880 census in Taylor County.

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