Monday, October 10, 2011

Bits n' Pieces

Sometimes it can take years to find an answer to a simple question. My great great grandmother's second husband was Elijah Meadows Garner. Hope Foreman Adams married him on January 12, 1882 in Cartetet County after her first husband died. I have wondered what happened to them.

Hope was at least the 4th wife of Elijah. They moved to Manateee County Florida sometime in the late 1880s. Both their children were born in North Carolina and the family story is they both came down with TB after moving to Florida and died within weeks of each other. They said Hope died first and then her husband. Afterwards the children were adopted by Captain John Fogarty in Manatee County.

The problem is that there isn't anyone alive who would know the truth or who had even heard it 2nd hand. I had been trying to find some documentation of their death without any success for 10 years.

Then last week I received an email from the Manatee County Historical Records Librarian with the attached 3x5 card attached. It is an article from the Manatee River Journal dated August 11, 1892 and tells of the death of Elijah Garner the week before. I know it is him as his was the only Garner family in the Palma Sola area, and it only mentions his children surviving him.

So now that I know Hope and Elijah Garner died in the summer of 1892 maybe I can locate where they were buried.

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