Sunday, May 22, 2011

Andrew's Lake

I was reminded of the Bureau of Land Management records recently when a Rowell cousin was asking about land records for one of our common ancestors.

I sent him a copy of the Land Patent for William Rowell and noticed they had a new link to map the location of the property. Unfortunately they don't have the Google map working yet but I decided to use the Florida Survey Data Interactive Map to look up the location of the land owned by a couple ancestors.

One record that I had seen before and wondered about was the first homestead patent for my great grandfather, Andrew Jackson Green. I found his land on a map of Taylor County Florida several years ago and noticed the lake on land section was named "Andrew's Lake."

I don't know if it was named for Andrew Green or not. He obtained the 40 acres on November 14, 1888. Since he was the first patent owner he could have named the lake or over the last 120 years someone else may have named it.

The cousin who was asking about the other grandfather lives nearby in Shady Grove, Florida so maybe I will ask him to check it out one day.

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