Saturday, June 11, 2011

Still looking...

Several months ago I wrote about having to start over in a search for the family of Thomas Jefferson Longacre. He was the brother of my wife's great grandfather.

I have since corresponded with a family member of Thomas Jefferson Clark several times and he also sent me some papers and photos of Thomas Jefferson Clark. The question; is Thomas Jefferson Clark the same person as Thomas Jefferson Longacre?

I know Thomas Jefferson Longacre was born and died in Texas. I have proof of both his birth and death and information that he worked as a police officer in Texas in the 1920-30s.

I even found this newspaper story that he tried to shoot the San Angelo Texas Police Chief in 1937!

The question is did he move away for 15-20 years, change his name or use an alias and then move back. The descendant of Thomas Jefferson Clark sent me some papers and photos of his grandfather. One document, a job application dated December 13, 1918 has his signature and he answered questions about his parents and place of birth. So far, I don't have any photos of Thomas Jefferson Longacre.

Thomas Clark says on this form that his mother was Lou Caraway Longacre McDermott. She was the mother of Thomas Jefferson Longacare, so that is pretty strong evidence although the date of birth does not match TJ Longacare's and is 3 years after the death of his father, John Longacre.

Lou Caraway did remarry after John Longacre died and she had other children but the descendant of T J Clark has done a Y Chromosome dna test and he matches other Longacares!

I wrote to the Social Security Administration and obtained a copy of his Social Security application, dated July 19, 1937. I knew it would have the same questions and answers.

What do you think, is is the same handwriting?

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