Thursday, May 10, 2012

Luther's revenge

I wrote a story several months ago about my grandmother's cousin Luther Wilson who most of the family would probably just as soon forget. One of my Wilson cousins did some checking after seeing it and found the Orlando Sentinel had written a couple stories about the Deputy he killed in 1919 after one of his jail breaks. Their articles were published in May of 2011.

The reporter tried in vain to determine what had happened to Luther Wilson but the Florida Prison officials couldn't find the records. That should come as no surprise since they had such a difficult time keeping track of Luther or keeping him on the right side of the prison bars.

I helped the reporter with the rest of the story and they published it as an update.

The paper's interest in the story was to get Deputy B.C. Wilcox's name added to a Fallen Officer Memorial in Tavares, Florida.

Lake County Florida added another name to the memorial for a Deputy who was killed in 1929 and then the paper came across the story of Deputy Wilcox who's name had been omitted also. Well this week, 93 years later, the name of  Deputy Bob C. Wilcox was added to the memorial.The ceremony included a bagpipe tribute, Three volley rifle salute and helicopter flyover.

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