Wednesday, July 11, 2012

210 Amarillo Street

While researching my wife's Longacre family I found several newspaper articles from Abilene, Texas that mentioned their home address, 210 Amarillo Street.

The 1942 obituary for her great grandmother, Kate Augustus Telford Longacre said she and her husband had moved there from their farm in Potosi, Texas. The house was originally owned by her parents, William and Louisiana Telford and she inherited it when they died in 1934.

The Telfords moved to Abilene in 1925 and I suppose were the first owners of the house. Both William and Lou were in their 90s when they died at home according to their obituaries, 12 days apart.

Kate and her husband Benjamin Franklin Longacre moved to Abilene when they were in their 60s after deciding living on a farm by themselves was no longer viable. Kate died in 1942 but by then her daughter, Anna Lorraine Longacre Glenn had moved into the house with her two children. Benjamin Longacre had company in the house for the next nine years. He died in 1951 and Lorraine then became the third generation to own the house.

Both her children were married and on their own by then and she lived in the house for only five years by herself. Development came and she was forced to sell. Sears Roebuck decided to build a large store on top of the neighborhood in 1956.

I've used google maps to find houses or locations before so decided to check on 210 Amarillo Street to see what is there today. The Sears store of the 50s which was a stand alone closed down and was converted to a Family Dollar. Google says 210 Amarillo is at the back of the building.


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