Friday, August 17, 2012

Dr. Fulford, I Presume?

I wrote about my distant grandfather, John Fulford several years ago. He was recognized as the first white male born in the Carolinas. He died in 1723 in what is now Carteret County, NC.

A New Bern, North Carolina newspaper article from 1893 said his grave was at the Fulford family cemetery and bricked up with "English brick." When the Carteret County Historical Society did a census of all the old cemeteries in 1971 they found such a grave but when they did another census in 2005 it was no longer visible.

I've been to the cemetery several times but this year when I was there I noticed a bricked up grave under a tree, covered with brush. The last time I was there, in October 2009, there was a stack of lumber in this area.

This grave is directly across from the grave of Col. Thomas Fulford who died in 1854 and would have been the great great grandson of John Fulford. There is no way to know if this is his grave, but it matches the description from 1971 and 1893.


Andrea Kelleher said...

I think you found him :)

Mark Green said...

Hoping to prove it by sending the photos to older family members. So far none of them remember seeing it back in the 1960s.