Monday, June 10, 2013

Florida Hospital

Abner B. Strickland was the brother of my great grandfather's second wife, Sarah Strickland . He was born in Decatur County Georgia on December 10, 1834 and moved to Taylor County Florida with his parents, Savage and Sarah Fain Strickland.

Florida Hospital 1865
He married Mary Ann Holton on January 21, 1860 in Taylor County Florida and they had two children Nancy Elizabeth and Abner, Jr.

I knew Abner died during the Civil War but only recently found records that tell what happened to him. Fold 3 is a genealogy web page that has a lot of military records.

During the Civil War men filled out a card every couple months to show someone was present or not in their unit and the cards were used for their pay vouchers. In the case of casualties sometimes the cards have information about where the person was if they were not with their unit. They will list them as AWOL, if a casualty the type of injury, hospital or if they were captured, at which POW camp they were being held.

Abner's enlistment records show he joined Company A, Florida 8th Infantry on April 1, 1862 in Taylor County Florida. He transferred into Company D, 5th Infantry on May 20, 1862. In December of that year the was sent to the hospital in Richmond, Virginia due to illness. He was admitted to Florida Hospital  General Hospital # 11 in Richmond on December 27, 1862 and died on New Year's Eve of pneumonia.

Florida Hospital Building today
I wondered about him being sent to Florida Hospital and being in a Florida Infantry unit, if it was connected to his regiment. As it turns out it was just a coincidental name.

I Googled the confederate hospitals in Richmond and found this about it:

Florida Hospital was also called Globe Hospital. Formerly the tobacco factory of James H. Grant and Company. Built 1853. Still standing partially. Records cover June 1862 through September 1863. Capacity seems to be about 150. Location: west side of first block of north 19th Street, near Franklin. Present site of 8-10-12 North 19th Street

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Rosemary Osterhus said...

Mark, today my cousin told me about a Strickland that married into my father's famiily (the Rudder's) and they lived in Section, Alabama. I will look into a possible link though I know it's a long shot. I wish that Fold 3 did not ask for a credit card number. I'm looking for more information on my gg-grandfather who was a prisoner at Vicksburg. I wonder if it's worth the free trial and giving the credit card number?