Saturday, December 7, 2013

Mailman in the Family

Mail delivery or at least post offices seem to run in the Lundy family in Florida. One reason may have been the Civil War service of three Lundy brothers. Two of the three served in the Confederate army but quit and with their younger brother joined the Union army. My great grandfather William Lundy was the younger brother.

Jim Lundy Post Office

Post Office jobs back in the 1800s were lucrative political appointments. It would be assumed they went to Union veterans in the South after the Civil War but in this case the privilege lasted a couple generations.

William Lundy's son James William Washington Lundy was appointed the postmaster in Parrish Florida and ran it out of his general store. This photo was taken around 1910.

William Lundy's older brother Mathew Washington Lundy was appointed Postmaster in Perry, Florida in the 1890s and then passed it on to two of his sons.

Thomas Washington Lundy was appointed in 1906 and James Hindley Lundy in 1909. This photo from 1909 shows Thomas Lundy and his family in front of the post office in Perry. The family lived upstairs.

I also found these articles in the Tampa newspaper announcing their appointments as Postmaster.

April 10, 1906 Tampa Tribune


February 20, 1909  Tampa Tribune

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