Friday, June 13, 2014

Abraham's Cousins

I have been organizing the Fulford family DNA project for 9 years now and one of the first test matches was between my uncle and a descendant of Abraham Fulford who lived in Stratford, Connecticut.

Abraham was born about 1675 and died in 1730. His son Gershom Fulford was born in 1701 and died January 7, 1790 in Waterbury, Connecticut. Gershom served as a Lieutenant in the Waterbury Regiment during the French and Indian War.

Fulford Pioneer Cemetery
By the time the next war came around in 1776 his son Jonathan decided to follow his father's lead and enlisted in the King's Loyalist Rangers. Jonathan was born December 9, 1737 in Waterbury, Connecticut.

At the time he must have thought it a good idea as most would not have expected the gang of rebels outside Boston would have ever won a battle against the British Army. But being on the losing side meant he had to move to Canada during the later part of the Revolutionary War.

In 1784 he was allowed to return to Connecticut and escort his wife and children to St. Johns in Lower Canada.

His family eventually settled in Elizabethtown Township, Leeds County, Ontario, Canada. Jonathan obtained property in several land grants and when he died about 1830 he was buried in the Fulford Pioneer Cemetery he had established in 1786 when his infant son died.

Fulford Pioneer Cemetery
Follow this Canada Fulford family six generations from Jonathan and you get to the Fulford male in Brighton, Ontario, Canada who matched my uncle's Y chromosome. This means they share a common Fulford ancestor.

He had researched his family back to Abraham but wasn't able to determine which Fulford family Abraham came from in England or Scotland. I have the same problem with my earliest known grandfather, John Fulford who settled on the coast of  North Carolina in the early 1600s. So we are cousins and friends on Facebook but it will take some more work to figure out who our common grandfather was.


Judi Stutz said...

I'm a Fulford descendant.

Mark Green said...

is your family from Canada or the US?

Judi Stutz said...

Yes to both. The Fulfords moved back and forth from Canada and the US. My grandfather settled in Rhinebeck, NY and became a naturalized citizen. His 3 sisters lived in and around Brockton.

Sandra M said...

I am related to a Fulford line and I have traced as far back as Batholomew born in
1800 - Buckland Brewer, Devon, England and died in 1869 - Brighton Ontario Canada. Is this the same line?

Mark Green said...


I have some information about this Bartholemew FULFORD, wife's name was Maria, but don't know about his children or descendants. What are some of their names?

Sandra M said...

Thank you for your reply Mark. :)

My Bart was first married to a Harriet Bale. She died young, then Bart married Harriet's sister Prudence Bale.

These are the children of Harriet and Bart. I don't have any children from Bart and Prudence.

Edward Fulford
1828 – 1902

John Fulford
1830 – 1905

Christina Fulford
1833 –

Elizabeth Fulford
1835 –

Harriet Fulford
1837 – 1917

William Fulford
1840 –

Alice Fulford
1841 –


Sandra M said...

I have Edward Fulford
1828 – 1902


Maria Bates
1825 – 1910

Mark Green said...

No, I don't have anything matching these names.