Friday, June 6, 2008

A visit to Carteret County NC

My wife and I visited Carteret County North Carolina in 2003. It was the original home of my Fulford family as well as the Foreman side of the family. Many of the families living in Cortez, Florida trace their roots back to Carteret County.

I had never been there but had heard of it from other family members. My brother Ben went there in the early 1980s when he was doing research for his book, The Finest Kind. He didn't keep photos or the notes from his trip so when we got there we had only vague recollections on where things were located.

Mary and I stayed in a very nice B&B, The Langdon House for 5 days and had a great time, taking a Catamaran out to Cape Lookout, doing all the tourist sights, a civil war era fort, museums, etc. but the best part for me was looking for dead relatives. We found a whole lot of them at 5-6 different cemeteries and I made a video of the trip. I had to edit some of it to make it fit on YouTube.

One of the main targets was Fulford Cemetery on Piper Lane but we didn't find it on that trip. I didn't have a GPS at the time! I obtained better directions and when we went back in 2006 we located it. It is the original Fulford family cemetery but most of the grave markers are gone. At one time it had 150-200 graves but now less than 10 are marked. Homes and garages have been built in the area and no doubt are over many of the old graves.

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