Sunday, November 9, 2008

Go borrow some sugar

We've had good neighbors and some not so good. I could do without the lady who brings her dog over to our yard!

My wife's Great Great Great Grandfather, Simeon Dudley Pennington was born in Kentucky in 1819 but moved to Texas in the fall of 1859. He moved to Austin, Texas with his large family.

In doing research census records are one of the first things you look for. I found him on the 1860 census living in Austin and had a surprise to see who was living next to him. One of his neighbors was Sam Houston, former President of the Republic of Texas and in 1860 the Governor of the State.

The Penningtons were not wealthy people and had moved to Texas like many of the early settlers, with the prospect of plenty of land and few people.

According to an article in the Dallas Morning News dated November 23, 1929, the Penningtons came by wagon train from Missouri to Texas in 1859. Along the way they were joined by William Smith Telford on horseback. He was from Missouri and decided to see Texas for himself.

During the trip, William Telford fell in love with Simeon's oldest daughter, Louisiana English Pennington. They were married in 1865 and both lived into their nineties. Their daughter, Kate was my mother in law's grandmother.

Simeon Pennington was a farmer. He died April 12, 1886 in Austin and was buried in the Merrelltown Cemetery along with his wife and mother.

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