Sunday, November 16, 2008

There is a son, Dan

Lois Odom, a cousin of my Dad's was looking at old newspapers in Perry, Florida and came across an article about the death of his brother, Lester Broward Green. I've copied part of it at the bottom of this post. The article mentioned him having a son named Dan.

Lester died 10 years before I was born so I didn't know much about him. His daughter Doris Parramore lived in Tallahassee and we were close to her and her family but I had never known anything about a son. I sent the article to my siblings and as it would be, my sister Carol said she remembered a photo of a boy named Dan in my Grandfather's papers and he was Lester's step son. Now Carol is the one in our family who claims she remembers everything that has happened since she was born, including events when she was less than a year old, so I needed a confirmation from some other source before accepting her memory.

I started researching Lester and his two marriages. I had previously found him and his first wife, Edna McEntire Green and Doris on the 1930 census when they lived with my Grandfather in Perry. I knew Lester joined the army about that time and he and Edna divorced in 1936. With all the time I'd spent with Doris and her family while growing up in Tallahassee I figured if she had a brother I would have heard about it.

I found a record of Lester's marriage to Doris Vera Avera in 1940 and I knew he had died in 1947. It took a while to locate anything about Doris Avera and what happened to her after Lester died. I finally came across a family tree that was posted by her nephew's wife. She and her husband had never heard of Lester Green but after asking the husband's mother (Doris Avera's sister) about it they got the story that they had married and then Lester was killed in a train accident.

They told me that Doris had married a man named Otto Heintz and I then found she a record of her death in 1991 in the Social Security records. Researching Otto Heintz's family I found a record of her son. It turned out the son was from her first marriage to Fredrick William Hart in 1938. They had a son who they named Daniel Hart around 1939 or 40 and she married Lester in December 31, 1940. So Dan was Lester's stepson and my sister was right after all.

Feb. 6, 1947
Lester Green Dies In Motor Car Wreck
The deceased is survived by his father, M.F. Green, his widow, the former Miss Doris Vera Avera of Orlando, to whom he was married December 21, 1940. There is a son, Dan, and a daughter, Miss Doris Green of Eustis, by an earlier marriage.

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