Sunday, July 5, 2009


I found this old photo in my dad's stuff after he died. It's his 1928 Perry Florida High School football team. I suppose all of the people in the photo are deceased. The Taylor County Historical Society publishes a "They Were Here" book on local people and I've seen many of them in it.

Football was always his favorite sport. He enjoyed baseball until the 1994 strike and after that enjoyed telling people he was boycotting them. In later years he started watching NASCAR because his cousin Hubert Horne was a fan but football was his true love. He made sure all his grandchildren knew of his playing days and became Nole fans at an early age.
Taylor County High School Bulldogs Perry, Florida 1928-1929

From the left:
Front row: Maurice Linton, Royce Thompson, Tracy Stackhouse, George Nola, Glenn Hicks, Jack Maxwell, Benjamin Clyde Green

Second row: Harry Davis, James Rogers, Verne Davis, Herbert Woods Ernest Callicut, Hale Vickery,

Third row: A.W. Jones (Mgr), Willie Joe Moody, J. T. Platt, Herman Davis (water boy), J.D. Vereen, Cornelius Jones, C. K. McCaskill, Kenneth Warren (first Aid), Coach Neely

Verne Davis Captain
Harry Davis Alternate Captain

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