Sunday, November 22, 2009

Turkey Soup

My brother in law, Mike spends a lot of time in the kitchen whenever my wife's family gets together. When the occasion is Thanksgiving he makes turkey soup.

He starts this almost as soon as the Thanksgiving meal is over. All the leftover turkey, bones and whatever is dumped in a large pot and boils on the stove all day. Mike is a pretty good cook, self made, due to both need and desire. His turkey soup is always popular.

I can't remember every having turkey soup before Mike joined the family. We always ate Thanksgiving with family and always had turkey but I don't remember soup. The only thing I remember about my grandmother Edith's turkey was the seafood dishes that were served with it. There would be shrimp, oysters or fish.

My mother's turkey dishes were normally only motivation to get to the pumpkin pie sooner. In both cases the leftover turkey was something to avoid. Too bad they didn't have the soup recipe.

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cekg55 said...

We would eat on the turkey for several days and then the carcus would go into the soup pot. Same thing at Christmas with ham.