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Wentworth Diary

James Hamilton Wentworth was the husband of Elizabeth Green, sister of my great grandfather Andrew Jackson Green
Wentworth Business Card
He was 45 years old when they got married in 1883 and she was his third wife. I found this old photo of them was in my great grandparents bible.

James & Elizabeth Wentworth
As a younger man he enlisted in the 5th Regiment, Florida Infantry was promoted to Lieutenant and participated in several of the important battles of the Civil War.

James Wentworth was taken prisoner at the battle of Gettysburg on July 3, 1863. He was held as a Prisoner of War at Fort Delaware POW camp in the middle of the Delaware River for the rest of the war.

He was highly educated before the war. After the war he was a school teacher , lawyer, Judge, County Commissioner and Superintendent of Schools in Taylor County Florida.

He became a Baptist Preacher late in life and moved to Escambia County Florida.

He kept a diary of his years as a prisoner. The Fort Delaware camp was unusual in that the Confederate soldiers published a camp newspaper. There aren't any records to prove who wrote the newspaper but he is a likely suspect.

Fort Delaware POW Newspaper

Parts of his prison diary have been published in several magazines and excerpts were in the Perry Florida Newspaper in the 1980s.

Recently a cousin obtained a copy of the entire diary and transcribed it. It is an interesting account of surviving and keeping hope to return home.

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lt,benjamin f. devane my line,wife remarried to a david wilson.taylor county fla,children where counted as wilsons in the census. this devane also kin to the devanes of south fla. these are my wilson/rowell lines. daryl w woods.