Monday, August 2, 2010

Family Union

We spent this past weekend at Joe Wheeler State Park in Northern Alabama along with about 50 relatives on my wife's side of the family.

It was the 15th bi-annual family reunion of the children of Ivy and Lydia Lawrence from middle Tennessee. We attended the first one in 1982 in Orange, Virginia. We had been married less than a year for that one. Since then we've had two daughters who grew up going to the reunions and today are too grown and too far away to attend.

All but one of the eight children born to Lydia Lawrence have passed away since the reunions started but now there are not only a lot of great grandchildren who weren't born in 1982 but also many great great grandchildren.

The reunion has been held in many different locations, the choice of the host, which is fitting considering Ivy Lawrence moved his family more than 20 times around middle Tennessee. He owned a sawmill and would move it to where the work was and the family followed.

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