Sunday, August 29, 2010


Eleanor Kuhlman was the wife of my great uncle Arthur Sylvester Green. Sylvester was my grandfather's brother and seemed to be a high achiever. He taught history at the University of Florida in the 1930s.

He ran for political office at least once. This photo was from a political ad when he ran unsuccessfully for Taylor County Florida School Board Superintendent.

Sylvester died October 22, 1937 while living in Gainesville, Florida. His wife Eleanor was pregnant at the time with their only child.

Arthur Willard Green was born six months after his father died. Eleanor got a job teaching at the University of Florida after her husband died.

I only met Arthur and his mother one time that I can remember. They were living near St. Petersburg and came to my parent's house in Oneco while I was visiting. I really didn't know who they were at the time.

I heard that Arthur died several years after that brief meeting and when my Dad passed away ten years later I decided to try and contact Eleanor. I discovered she
died a few months after my Dad. Over the years I have looked for information about her and Sylvester with little success. I found a record of their thesis and dissertations and came across this photo of her from 1935 when she was teaching at a rural Pasco County Florida school.

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