Sunday, March 13, 2011


In the few papers and things kept from my Grandpa Green's stuff were four copies of annual Almanacs.

He had the 1947 and 1963 editions of The Ladies Birthday Almanac along with the 1958 and 1973 edition of the Grier's Almanac.

I can remember him having the Almanac hanging from the living room wall. Each of these have remnants of string that he had tied around a nail.

He had a large garden and used the Almanac to choose the best days for doing things with different crops. I'm not sure why he kept these particular issues, other than the last one which was the year he died.

The older ones are so brittle the pages fall apart if you turn them.

I found a couple notes he made in them. The 1947 book has a note on an AD for "Black Drought" a laxative for the whole family! He wrote "M.F. Keep - Laxative."

On the cover of the 1973 Almanac he had three notes; highlighting page 33 which listed the predicted Dog Days of summer, page 24 which had the best days for planting crops and page 19 which just says "Sex."

It was an AD for the Illustrated Encyclopedia of Sex. Not bad for a 93 year old man!

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