Sunday, April 24, 2011

Aunt Polley

Mary "Polley" Hogan was an aunt of mine, but a long way back. I'm not even sure how far back. She was either the sister of my great great grandfather James Henderson Hogan or the sister of his father, James Hogan.

She was born about 1829 in Stewart County Georgia shows up on the census as of 1850. She is just listed with the Hogan family so it is impossible to know if she was a sister or aunt. Later she was living with James Henderson Hogan's sister Rebecca Hogan Purvis.

In fact she lived with Rebecca and her grown children for the rest of her life. On the census records she was listed as either Mary or Polley, as the Aunt of the householder.

Polley died 111 years ago today, on April 24, 1900 in Webster County Georgia. She was buried in the Poplar Springs Baptist Church cemetery near Preston, Georgia. I was sent a very poor photocopy of her picture about 15 years ago and then two years ago another Hogan researcher sent me an original.

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Elizabeth Davis Angus said...

thank your for posting this picture. I am not related to the aunt but I am related to you through the Paulks. I love looking at the old pictures.