Tuesday, April 5, 2011

A Baker's Dozen

For many years I thought my great grandparents on the Green side had 12 children.

My grandfather Millard Fillmore Green was the oldest child of the twelve, or at least that is what I had been told all my life. It wasn't until I looked at the actual family bible owned by his parents a few years ago that I realized there were thirteen children and he had an older sister.

She wasn't listed on the birth register of the bible. I was given a photocopy of those pages listing births and deaths 15 years ago and transcribed it for my genealogy records.

My cousin Hubert Horne let me take the bible and scan all the pages that had writing on them and that is when I realized her mother listed Elizabeth on a separate page under the title family history.

Granted she didn't live long, but Elizabeth Green was born April 5, 1879, (132 years ago today) almost nine months to the day after her parents were married, July 4, 1878. She died the next day and the only memory of her was the entry her mother made in the bible. Younger brother Millard was born 11 months later on May 15, 1880.


i. ELIZABETH GREEN, b. April 05, 1879, Perry, FL; d. April 06, 1879, Perry, FL.

ii. MILLARD FILLMORE GREEN, b. May 16, 1880, Perry, Florida; d. July 08, 1973, Perry, FL

iii. JOHN HENDERSON GREEN, b. January 01, 1882, Perry, FL; d. June 13, 1918, Perry, FL

iv. ELVERTON NAPOLEON GREEN, b. March 04, 1884, Perry, FL; d. October 28, 1934, Cortez, Manatee County FL

v. LUTHER DANIEL GREEN, b. February 07, 1886, Perry, FL; d. July 04, 1886, Perry, FL

vi. ARTHUR SYLVESTER GREEN b. June 02, 1887, Shady Grove, Taylor County FL; d. October 22, 1937, Gainesville, Alachua County FL

vii. FLORENCE LEONA GREEN, b. November 27, 1890, Perry, FL; d. October 1965, Bradenton, FL

viii. MARIAN EQUILLA GREEN, b. February 22, 1891, Perry, FL; d. March 12, 1895, Perry, FL

ix. KATHLEEN ELMIRA GREEN, b. November 06, 1892, Perry, FL; d. July 08, 1986, Bradenton, FL

x. JAMES EUGENE GREEN, b. May 22, 1895, Perry, FL; d. November 17, 1899, Perry, FL

xi. LYDIA IRENE GREEN, b. March 13, 1899, Perry, F; d. August 28, 1999, Bradenton, FL

xii. EVA LAVINIA GREEN, b. December 24, 1901, Perry, FL ,d. August 14, 1990, Bradenton, FL

xiii. SARAH EVELYN GREEN, b. April 19, 1903, Perry, FL; d. September 16, 1989, Bradenton, FL

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Taneya said...

wow. what a find for you and how fortunate that you're able to document her in the family lineage.