Saturday, August 13, 2011

Della, Emma and Mary

I recently located information on three of the sisters of my wife's great grandfather. Della, Emma and Mary Glenn were all born in Clay County Alabama along with their brother John William Glenn.

They moved to Texas with their parents in 1888. I know the exact year because the records of the Mt. Moriah United Methodist Church in Bluff Springs, AL recorded when they were removed from the roll.

There was no one on this side of her family to ask about the three sisters. I wasn't sure what happened to them and only found them by accident, searching Texas death certificates. The online index had a feature to allow you to search by the parent's name. I knew their father was David Glenn and their mother was Mary Ann Wiley. I put both last names in the search box and all three daughters showed up under their married names.

Della Izola Glenn married John William Pike and lived in Dial, Hutchinson County Texas.

Emma Katherine Glenn married John York and lived in Jayton, Kent County Texas.

Mary Emma Glenn married William F. Watters and also lived in Jayton, Kent County Texas.

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