Sunday, August 28, 2011

Killed in his prime

My grandfather lost two brothers at a young age. His 25 year old brother Clyde Augustine Fulford died on October 26, 1918 after catching the flu during the infamous influenza epidemic of 1918. He was checking on his sister Dora's family in Tampa who were all sick when he caught it himself.

Their 21 year old brother Clayton Clarke Fulford died eleven moths later on September 29, 1919 in Cortez, Florida as a result of a gunshot wound. He and his wife Imogene were home alone and he was shot to death. Clayton had just made it through an overseas tour of duty in the Army during WWI.

The family story that has survived for 90 years is that his wife shot him. As far as I could find no charges were ever filed against her.

Imogene married another Cortez fisherman, Herman Sidney Guthrie ten years later. She and Sidney lived out their lives in Cortez for another 50 years.

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