Saturday, January 14, 2012

What do you remember

The local newspaper asked me to share one memory of Cortez, Florida in the "old days" for an article they were doing. I'm not really old enough to talk about the old days. I would probably need my sister in Virginia to do that.

Anyway, here it is, just in case it never makes it to print:

I used to spend summers and school holidays in Cortez and loved going fishing with my grandfather, Tink Fulford. We didn't fish on Sundays because almost everyone went to church but Sunday night it was ok to go fishing. My grandmother insisted we go to the Church of Christ both Sunday morning and Sunday night. Grandpa Tink didn't go to church on Sunday night and he wanted to leave as soon as possible but he wasn't going to tell my grandmother we couldn't go to church. I would have to run from the church building to the dock as soon as the service was over. Grandpa knew exactly what time we should be there and he would untie, start up the boat and wait. I could hear the boat engine from a block away. He would push off from the dock as soon as he saw me getting close. I had to run and jump on as the boat was pulling off. I don't think he would have left us if we missed the boat but he sure acted like it.

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