Thursday, September 20, 2012

AARP driver

I have an 80+ year old driver in the family, who's name I won't mention. Most of the family would just as soon see this person give up the car keys. So far it hasn't happened but the multiple dents in the family car as well as in those parked nearby would probably be good reason.
Dallas Morning News Sept 28, 1923

I found a interesting driving story about my wife's great, great grandfather.

William Smith Telford was 86 years old when his motoring skills were reported in the local paper. Abilene Texas must not have had a lot of floats in the County Fair parade on September 27, 1923 when he was given a prize for being the oldest driver of a car in the parade.

William Telford was a Civil War veteran and there weren't a lot of them still around at the time so maybe that is why he won the prize.

The festivities included special recognition for Abilene Christian College and apparently Telford drove his car as part of the college festivities.

Both he and his wife were long time members of the Church of Christ and supporters of the college.

William Smith Telford
The article in the Dallas Morning News also mentions the supper planned for the local Ku Klux Klan as part of the Fair schedule. Apparently the meal for the KKK was being provided by the City, not something you see everyday.

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