Thursday, September 6, 2012

Just walk away...

I wrote about finding an unusual cause of death listed for a distant relative a while back. William Gannon Fulford was stabbed to death on Christmas Eve 1914 in New Bern, North Carolina.

William Gannon Fulford
I didn't know much about his family so the cause of death listed on his death certificate lead to some more research. I was fortunate to get an assist from a friend in New Bern who did some digging in the newspaper archives at the local library. She found a story from the local paper that told the story.

This is her synopsis:

"There were 3 people involved in the story: Gannon Fulford, Jesse Creel (from Seven Springs, NC) and his daughter, Laura. Gannon had gained access into Mr. Jesse Creel's house at No 3 New South Front St as an unwelcome guest. He was intoxicated. Mr. Creel told Mr. Fulford to "leave" and Mr. Fulford (aged 30) told Mr. Creel (aged 60) that he would leave when he was "ready." An argument between the three people was taken out on to the street when Mr. Creel called Mr. Fulford a "vile name" as Mr. Fulford was being led away by a witness.

Cedar Grove Cemetery New Bern, NC
That is when Mr. Fulford declared that no one was going to talk to him like that and he walked back to confront Mr. Creel and that is when Mr. Creel pulled out a blade and slashed Mr. Fulford across the throat. Mr. Fulford bled to death on the street."

I found an article in the Greensboro,NC paper that had details of Creel's capture.

Greensboro Daily News Dec 28, 1914


Rosemary Osterhus said...

I think about Mr. Fulford every time I drive down that street.


shellt said...

Very interesting post.