Saturday, February 2, 2013

Super Bowl Week

1928 Taylor County High School Bulldogs
This being Super Bowl week I decided to write about football. This photo was taken in 1928 when my Dad was playing for the Taylor County High School Bulldogs. That's him on the far right, bottom row. 

I shared this picture before along with information on the team holding a 50th anniversary party in 1978 and have the names of all those in the photo in that story.

William Bryant Green
The photo of my Uncle William Bryant Green sitting on the goal posts was taken about 1923. Prime Time had nothing on him!

Bryant was born in 1908 and died on February 1, 1943 when the Navy plane he was on crashed trying to land at an Army base in Tuscon, Arizona.

This football field was one the five brothers created in an empty lot next to their house on Green Street in Perry, Florida.
Well neither my Dad or Uncle played football after they graduated from high school but I can add a Super Bowl to this story, although not family related.
Fred Biletnikoff played at FSU, graduating in 1965 as the school's first consensus All American. I was in elementary school at the time but was lucky enough to live near the football field and allowed to go to the practices almost every day after school. I am sure my effort to retrieve wayward footballs, set out paper cups of water and sliced oranges and collect discarded pads at the end of the day contributed to his great season. I've saved this newspaper clipping and autograph for 48 years.
He was drafted by the Oakland Raiders and went on to a Hall of Fame career in the NFL, including being chosen as the MVP of the 1977 Super Bowl! 

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