Thursday, July 18, 2013

Family Intervention

You don't often find one of your family members involved in national politics, especially trying to choose a President.

July 7, 1948 Stars and Stripes

This newspaper article from the July 7, 1948 issue of Stars and Stripes quotes General Dwight David Eisenhower when he declined to seek the 1948 Democratic Presidential nomination. It came in response to a letter written to him by Hugh Monroe Sutton of Fort Lauderdale, Florida.

Hugh was born in Perry, Florida on October 30, 1907 and died in Fort Lauderdale in June 1967.  His parents were Hugh Monroe Sutton, Sr. and Cora Hassel. His great grandmother, Mary Ezell Sutton was the sister of my ggg grandmother, Holly Ezell Blanchard.

The same issue of Stars and Stripes quoted Florida Senator Claude Pepper (also from Perry) who said the Democratic party should nominate Eisenhower anyway. Pepper said he was sure the General would accept the nomination if he didn't have to run for it and that he would easily be elected to the Presidency. 


Mark VanAlstyne said...

Very interesting. General Pershing lead the expedition chasing Pancho Villa around the desert. A certain Lt. George S. Patton first led men in battle here.
BTW, found your blog via google. My GG Grandfather was Richard Whitehurst Fulford so it seems we're distantly related. I have some info on his service, but, unfortunately, none on your GGGF.

Mark Green said...

Hello, good to hear from you. I have a lot of information about the RW Fulford family. Would be happy to share it. Send me an email.