Thursday, July 25, 2013

Treat Him Kindly

This contact from 1864 was in the Fulford family papers in the North Carolina Archives.

David W. Fulford was my great great grandfather. He didn't serve in the Civil War because he was too old when it started. By the time the Confederate Army drafted the old men, his part of North Carolina was in control of the Union Army.

The 1863 Emancipation Proclamation freed the slaves in Southern States, where it could be enforced.

In 1864 David Fulford entered into this contract with George Gaylor, a freed slave and his two daughters to work on his farm located on the Straits in Carteret County. Since the area was under Union Army control he had to have the contract approved by military authorities.

Contract for Labor

The undersigned Freed Laborer hereby agrees for and in consideration of receiving per month 30 lbs. of pork, 5 bushels of corn or meal, ½ gal of Molasses and Quarters. To work himself and his daughters, Jane and Emily Jones until December 1, 1864 for David W. Fulford on his farm situated on the eastern part of the Straits Carteret County, NC And the undersigned David W. Fulford agrees to furnish the above rations and quarters and to treat him kindly.

David W. Fulford
George Gaylor – his mark

Richard Dillon
Capt. VRC (Veterans Reserve Corps) Asst Supt

David Fulford wasn't listed as a slave owner on the 1860 census. His mother Susan who lived next door had an 18 year old female, probably working in the house.

I tried to locate George Gaylor and his daughters on subsequent records to see what happened to them, but came up empty. There is an Anthony Gaylord on the 1870 census in the City of Beaufort, NC shown as born in 1829 and working as a Seaman. There aren't any daughters named Jane or Emily. I couldn't find any record of Jane or Emily Jones either. I suspect that after the war they all moved out of the area.

Captain Richard Dillon who signed off on the contract was born in Ireland in 1832 and died April 11, 1881 in Washington, DC. He is buried at the Old Cathedral Cemetery in Philadelphia.

The following bio was listed on findagrave for Dillon: A Civil War Union Brevet Brigadier General. Served in the Civil War as a Captain in the 115th Pennsylvania Volunteer Infantry. He lost an arm at the Battle of Chancellorsville (May 3, 1863), After which he transferred to the Veterans Reserve Corps, serving in the 14th VRC and the 12th VRC. He was brevetted Brigadier General, US Volunteers on March 13, 1865 for "gallant and meritorious services during the war". His brevet was not commissioned after its appointment, but it was confirmed by the Senate on March 3, 1869 in the last batch of Civil War brevet promotions issued.

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