Saturday, March 29, 2014

Perfect Apples

My niece's husband grows apples and many other crops on a 4th generation family farm in Delaware. When we visited them last year he told us a little about how most apples are grown and then stored in warehouses for months. They only sell them fresh from his farm, which means they are better quality but they don't have them year round.

I'll have to ask him what he thinks about this article I found about my great uncle, Stephen Fulford, who lived in New Bern, North Carolina.

The Charlotte Democrat wrote about him on June 7, 1895, saying one of his trees was growing three perfect apples on the trunk, not on a branch. I've never grown apples and actually never had much luck with other fruit trees either. I tried to grow peaches when we lived in Jacksonville, Florida but my crops hardly ever had three peaches total! I'm glad to know my distant relatives had better luck.

Charlotte Democrat June 7, 1895

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