Saturday, March 1, 2014

Sixty Four K

According to Google statistics the page views on this blog have now reached 64,000. That is almost the same number of people in the database I use for my genealogy research.

I started the database thirty years ago. It was originally on paper. It went digital with a computer that required a boot disk and had 256 K of memory.

I've used a lot of different software programs and a succession of newer and faster computers. It's now backed up to a cloud server so I can access it anywhere with a web browser.

The blog started in 2008 so it has gotten to 64 K much faster. My daughter who publishes books in Philly has signed several popular bloggers to big dollar book contracts. So far she hasn't offered me one and I'm not sure why. If she doesn't move soon I may end up with one of her competitors.

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