Friday, June 22, 2012

Family Reunion time

We are heading out for a family reunion this afternoon for my wife's Lawrence family. We are going to a State Park in Tennessee and hope to have a good turnout.

This is the 16th time the children and grandchildren of Ivy and Lydia Lawrence have gotten together since they started these in 1982. Lydia died in 1980, 15 years after her husband. Their children decided to have a reunion every two years shortly after her funeral.

2006 Lawrence Family Reunion

This photo is from the 2006 reunion at Montgomery Bell State Park. Two from the older generation have passed away in the 6 years since but there were many more additions to the family of great grandchildren and great great grandchildren.

There were also at least 6 weddings so the potential is there to keep this going for a while longer.

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