Tuesday, June 26, 2012

James Thaddeus Lundy

James Thaddeus Lundy was the older brother of my great grandfather William Augustus Lundy. He was born in 1838 in South Georgia and lived most of his life in Taylor County Florida. He served on both sides during the Civil War. He originally enlisted into Company F, 5th Florida Cavalry in April 1862.
JT Lundy Grave Pisgah Cemetery Perry, FL
He was shown as a deserter from the CSA in 1864 when he and his two younger brothers joined the 2nd Florida Cavalry, US Army.

The 2nd Cavalry took part in the ill fated Battle of Natural Bridge outside Tallahassee, Florida at the end of the war. James was fortunate to escape the battle without being captured like several others from Taylor County. The Confederate General William Miller, considered them deserters not combatants and four members of the US Cavalry who had been taken prisoner were executed the day after the battle. All of them, like J.T. Lundy were from the area and recognized by former neighbors. The 2nd Cavalry had been stationed in South Florida and had seen combat before but this was the first time the North Florida members were in a battle close to home.

James and Agnes Lundy abt 1920
Before the war he married Agnes Amanda Rogers in Taylor County. I've had several contacts over the years from the Rogers side of the family.
Recently a descendant sent me this photo of James and Amanda that looks like it was taken when they were in their 80s. That would make James the oldest living of his brothers by far. The others died in their early 50s.

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