Thursday, June 7, 2012

One down

Guy Fulford, the first cousin of my grandfather, died in 1942. I noticed his grave didn't have a marker when I was at the Palma Sola cemetery several years ago and decided to get one for him. It took a while to find out the exact day he died but once I had it, the rest didn't take long.

The VA sent a marker since he was a WWI Navy veteran. I had it shipped to AP Bell Fish Company in Cortez, Florida where his nephew, Walter Bell would arrange to install it at the cemetery.

Turns out his daughter Karen took care of it on one of her few days off, when both the fish house and Star Fish restaurant were closed. It happened to be Memorial Day so she added a flag to the marker.

While she was there she noticed several other unmarked graves in the plot where her great grandfather, Nathan Hooker Fulford and his family are buried. I have some old records from the cemetery so we will have to see if we can figure out who these folks are.

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